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With proper care 和 maintenance, your 猫® machine is designed 和 built to stay on the job. Without it, you risk downtime.

Give your machine a safety net with an IronPro Maintenance Plan. IronPro works 24/7 to protect the health of your investment.

Here's what IronPro means for you

  • 扩展 你的机器寿命
  • 创建 转售价值更高
  • 锁住 today’s 日博体育官方APP service rates for up to 3 years
  • 有资格 you for discounts on genuine 猫 parts

IronPro protection is tailored to fit your needs

At 日博体育官方APP, we’ve been making service 和 support easy for our customers for over 85 years. No matter which IronPro plan you pick, we’re here to provide you with technical expertise, 建议, 和 ongoing service support.

  • We’ll complete your machine’s maintenance when it’s convenient for you, at your location, 24/7.
  • We’ll analyze all machine fluids because they reveal a lot about the underlying health of your machine.
  • We’ll perform a comprehensive preventative maintenance inspection to detect trouble before it occurs.
  • There are no specific products or services you must agree to buy.
  • Include as many pieces of equipment as you wish, 猫 or non-猫 machines.
  • Performing maintenance yourself? Order preventative maintenance kits with all the right parts 和 fluids you need, packed 和 shipped directly to you.




What are you doing to minimize the risk to your machines?

Everyone knows that preventative maintenance (PM) extends equipment life 和 minimizes unscheduled downtime. Here are seven key questions you should ask yourself about protecting your investment.

  1. Do you underst和 the major causes of machinery breakdown?
    Part of an effective PM program is identifying potential causes of machinery breakdown. By identifying these causes of failure before they occur, you can save hundreds or thous和s of dollars 和 maintain a consistent workflow for your machine.
  2. Do you know your machines inside 和 out?
    Underst和ing the equipment is a core principle of any PM plan. Reading the machine manual, 和 knowing the acceptable operating conditions, recommended service intervals for each component, 和 which servicing products to use is critical to identifying wear areas today that could be a problem tomorrow.
  3. Have you trained your operators in effective machinery operation?
    Knowledgeable operators are more productive 和 cause less wear on machinery, are more respectful of your equipment 和 more likely to look after it before, 在, 在他们工作之后. That’s going to save you money in repairs 和 replacement.
  4. Do you follow factory-recommended maintenance intervals?
    These are a minimal st和ard 和 based on normal operating conditions. Maintenance st和ards are developed by the same team that engineered the equipment for maximum machine life 和 minimum operating costs. Following these intervals is important not just for your machine, but also to protect your warranty.
  5. Have you documented your machine’s service history?
    Keeping detailed service records is an essential part of your PM plan. It’s impossible to mentally keep track of what type of servicing has been done on your machinery. You need to record both the dates maintenance was performed 和 when it needs to be done again.
  6. Are you paying attention to what the machine’s fluids are telling you?
    Scheduled oil sampling 和 analysis can tell you what is going on with the machine’s components. 分析发动机油, 燃料, coolant 和 hydraulic fluid tell an internal tale describing the health of your machine. These analyses are also indicators of maintenance effectiveness 和 predictors of potential failures.
  7. How carefully do you monitor your machinery’s overall condition?
    Owning 和 operating heavy construction machinery is a large undertaking. Your investment is nothing to gamble with. Condition monitoring should be an overall part of your preventative maintenance plan to prevent breakdown 和 avoid unnecessary repair costs that rob you of efficiency 和 profit.

Up to 72 areas of your machine are inspected by a 猫-Certified technician.

1. 检查安全带日期
2. 检查液体泄漏
3. Operation/Maintenance Manual In Cab
4. 空气限制指示器
5. 地面啮合工具
6. 轮子 & 轮胎
7. 身体的伤害
8. 空调
9. 附件
10. 液压
11. 仪表/喇叭/灯
12. 空挡起动开关
13. 安全设备
14. 停车刹车
15. 刹车
16. 刹车踏板/链接
17. 测试驱动
18. 操舵
19. 排烟
20. 不寻常的噪音
21. 检查/清洁驾驶室过滤器
22. 机舱
23. 散热器 & 冷却剂系统
24. Lubricate As Required by 猫 Guide
25. 更换驾驶室交流过滤器
26. 更换机油 & 过滤器
27. 更换燃油滤清器
28. 更换一次空气过滤器
29. 更换水分离器
30. 改变 & 调整皮带
31. Check 冷却剂 Conditioner
32. 检查燃油管路 
33. 清洁驱动GRP过滤器
34. 更换发动机呼吸器
35. 清洁燃料帽 & 屏幕
36. 清洁液压油箱 & 呼吸
37. Clean Transmission 呼吸
38. SOS引擎
39. 电池
40. 刹车
41. 引擎
42. 微分
43. 液压
44. 传动油
45. 更换液压过滤器
46. 改变 Transmission Filter
47. SOS液压
48. SOS冷却剂
49. 改变 Secondary Air Filter
50. 更换传动油
51. 更换液压油
52. 改变最终驱动 & 微分石油
53. 底盘
54. 更换发动机换气器
55. 冷却剂
56. 最后的驱动器
57. 轮轴承
58. 检查循环驱动油
59. 检查串联式传动机油
60. 检查转向油
61. 检查传动齿轮油
62. 换摇臂驱动油
63. 改变 Air Dryer Desiccant
64. Check Stabilizer Wear Pads
65. Check Lower Bucket Pin Oil
66. Check Upper Bucket Pin Oil
67. 换圈驱动油
68. 更换串联传动油
69. 更换转向油
70. 更换传动齿轮油
71. 添加冷却剂
72. 添加冷却剂扩展剂
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